Bear Mountain Boogey
off Felix' Bucko X
Bear Mountain Tanna
treed on a bobcat.
Bear Mountain Crook
treed on a bear.
Crook is off Bear
Mountain Mose X
Bear Mountain Shema
Frijol a Leopard Cur
hunted almost
exclusively on
mountain lion in Old
Mexico by his owner
Vicente Fernández.
He was off Uphill
Boy's Doc X
Cumberland Valley
Black Patty.
Nick Steward's Bear
Mountain Hark
(Cumberland Valley
Romer X Bear
Mountain Lady)
treed on her first
bear. She made a
great bear dog.
Bear Mountain Kozi
(Bear Mountain Razo
X Bear Mountain
Shine) treed on a 38
pound tom bobcat.
Bear Mountain Mack
Duffie (Cumberland
Valley Hobo
Valley Ellie) Treed On
A Bear
Bear Mountain Mug
Shot (Bear Mountain
Razo X Bear Mountain
Lady) treed on a huge
California bear. Mug
is owned by Jimmy
Popham of Oregon.
Bear Mountain Pilgrim
(Bear Mountain Sprot
X Cumberland Valley
Liz) treed at 14
months of age on a

Jimmy Popham's Katie
(bred by Gerry Mead
off Bear Mountain
Cap Rock X Bear
Creek Zipper) treed.
Katie is now owned by
Vic Felix of Spokane,
Truckful of Leopards
ready to go rigging.
Bear Mountain Shema
(Barney's Buster X
Bear Mountain Token)
treed on a big
California bear. 
Bear Mountain Shine
II  (Hickory Springs
Sampson/Loves Black
Katie} Treed On A
Sprot, Taxi, And Liz
treed on a bear.
Bear Mountain Taxi
owned by Erik Oller
(note "EO" freeze
brand) with a bear
treed in Lassen
Richard Bailey's
Leopard Cur Meagan
used for coyotes/bear

Levan's Juda (Hickory
Springs Sampson X
Love's Black Katie)

Bear Mountain Token
II, Tate,and Lady
treed on a bear.

Nick Riley's Flathead
Valley Cammy treed
on a bobcat.
Bare Ground Yellow
Girl (Bear Mountain
Mose X Bear
Mountain Melody).

Bare Ground Rosie
(Bear Mountain Mug
Shot X Bear Mountain
Shine II) owned by
Jimmy Popham of
Oregon treed on a
Little Mtn. Spot sire
GC Newt dam GC Lady
bottom Little Mtn.
Dixie treed on bear
The great stud dog, Cantrell's
Socker treed on his first bear.
Socker was a saddleback.
The scarring on his back almost
looks like merling. Socker was
owned by James Cantrell of
Kentucky but was leased to Randy
Oller and died in California at age
13+ of cancer. Socker did well
right off when run on bear, even
though he had never smelled one in
Kentucky where he spent most of
his life hunting 'coons
This is an exceptional
shot taken of Nick
Riley's Flathead
Valley Cammy treed.
If you look closely
you can see the lion
in the tree.