Leopards of past
Bear Mountain Hoot
(Cantrell's Socker X
Bear Mountain Right
Shabby) with Stan
Lefforge in Wyoming.
A great guy and a
great little dog, both
gone, but not
Billy Owned by Vic
Felix treed on a
Wisconsin bear.
James Cantrell's
Dagwood treed on a
bear in Wisconsin.
Tide (O'Dell's Slick
50) owned by Richard
Bailey treeing on a
Wisconsin bear.
Cumberland Valley Tiglath Peleezer off Dutchman Creek
Sam X Cumberland Valley Dolly II. J. Richard McDuffie
bred, and trained Tig. He had a great influence on the
This is Bailey's
Curley sire Frenchs
John Boy dam
GVSweet Sue.
Baileys Dub a good
bear dog that got
killed by a bear in
Wisconsin. Dub was a
gift from Randy Oller
to Richard.
Bailey's Jack
bear/coon dog delux!
He never got used as
a stud very much but
he produced some
excellent dogs. Jack
was out of Englands
Little Lep and
Englands Sheba.
This is a daughter of
Nimrod/CVGinger named
Bailey's  Penny. She was a
GREAT coon dog and
straight as an arrow coon
Bailey's Penny on the
left and Bailey's Jack
on the right. Two
super good coon dogs!.
Red Martin on the
left and Richard
McDuffie on the right
at bear camp in
Ricky Cox on the left
and Chuck Rickman on
the right. Richard
Bailey took the
photo. The dogs are
LtoR Yella Big Al and
Hachet. We ran this
bear for over 12
hours before it
treed. It was one of
the first times we
had went bear
Smokey a son of The
Gold Nugget/CVSweet
Thing the dog
belonged to Richard
Bailey. Smokey died
from Parvo when it
first started going
around. He was doing
excellent at the time
of his death.
Bonnie(left) Woody
(right) Treed on a big
Michigan bear. They
were both top dogs
owned by Richard
Bailey but Woody was
the better one. Sire
Brays Smoke dam
Waters Suger.
Okaw Valley Hank a
foundation sire of the
Okaw Valley Kennels
owned by Tim Michel.
Hank was off Clark's
Sam X Clark's Dixie

Okaw Valley Judge
off Okaw Valley
Gunner X Okaw Valley
Okaw Valley Lu Lu off
the great Okaw
Valley Tom Tom X
Okaw Valley Rocket
Bear Mountain Sprot bred by
Richard McDuffie off
Cumberland Valley Hobo X
Cumberland Valley Sheba II.
Raised and trained by Randy
Oller. Sprot was the best
bear dog Randy ever hunted
and was a reproducer of
extra good dogs for bear,
lion,  bobcat, and gray fox.
This is the famous Okaw Valley Tom Tom
owned by Ray Elam. Ray was truly one of
the prominent and very important
Leopard breeders of the past. He was
the inspiration and friend of Tim Michel
who hunted with him when he was young.
Tim has carried on the Okaw Valley name
and tradition. Tom Tom was off Wolf
River Captain and Wolf River Lu Lu. Ray
said Tom Tom was the best he ever
owned. That says a lot for Ray bred and
owned several of the truly great ones.

Lishal Kitchens as he was leaving
Randy Oller's place with the
famous Bear Mountain Bernie. Both
are gone, but not forgotten.
Rex Laker as a boy with
Martin's Doll bred by J.
Richard McDuffie off
Cumberland Valley Nimrod
X Cumberland Valley
Cleopatra. Nimrod is
considered to be THE
American Leopard Cur and
especially when crossed on
Cleopatra and her
littermate California.
Ray Elam holding
Spring Valley Hagar.
Hagar was off
Buckhorn Valley Matt
X Spring Valley
Twister. Ray was the
founder of the Okaw
Valley Kennel that
turned over to Tim
Smokey's Ghost
owned by Billy Shortt.
Benny Goss With
Goss's Black Shadow
sire was Cumberland
Valley Tiglath
Peleezer dam Goss's
Don Sorrel with
Cumberland Valley
Don Sorrell with
Sorrell's Sneaking
Sue taken in about